3DCoat 4.9 Pro for sale - $180 - less than half price - also LW plugs if possible...


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Hi Guys

I am selling my 3DCoat license for US$180. This is a very generous price. It is less than half the full purchase price of $379. 3DCoat licenses can be transferred. I double-checked with Pilgway.

I am also wanting to sell my Hurley plugs, but I am not sure if I can transfer those. I own UP, Advanced Placement, and LWRemodeler. Does anyone know if Steve Hurley will transfer liceneses?

Same thing with my 3RDPowers plugs.. I own Meta Mesh, LW Brush, 3D Sticker, and Heat Shrink Plus.. but I have no idea of those can be transferred. Does anyone know if 3RDPowers plugs can be transferred?

If Hurley and/or 3RDPowers can be transferred, I'd sell them all for half what I paid, which again is very generous, imho.

I will only be accepting PayPal for the transaction.


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Unless you're selling your entire LW kit (including the core LW license), it is highly unlikely that any third party developer will transfer a plugin license. You'd be asking them to generate a new (second) license without any certainty that you're actually going to stop using your current license. That's very close to insane for any developer to oblige.


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3RDPowers did get back to me and said that I can't transfer... Do we know for certain that Steve wouldn't? I haven't heard from him, after sending a form email from his site...

The good news is that the 3DCoat Pro is good-to-go, for $180. Pilgway did confirm that they will transfer license. ;-)


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Now reduced to $160! Hell of a deal yo!

Wish I could change the title of this to thread to reflect price reduction... Anyone know how? Can't find it...


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What is the 3DCoat license model nowadays ? Is it just a serial number and good to go, or some online gotcha or other consideration to be aware of ? Thanks for your time.


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Hey Lexx - Here is the 3DCoat thread that I asked about selling it, and Carlosan (moderator) replied telling me "Please contact [email protected] to ask for license transfer."


Are you possibly interested?

Oh, as for the licensing, it is $99 for educational, and $280 to upgrade to Pro, which I did... or $379 for full Pro. I have a serial, that presumably 3DCoat will transfer to your account, or maybe possibly they will issue you a new one and kill the old one.. that is how I would handle it. Apparently they do this all the time. Seen others that have sold...
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