3d texture source sample


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I am interested in developmenting some 3d texture nodes and I am curious about a source sample. I don't believe that the SDK has any.


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Yeah i was hoping for some source examples for Nodal in the SDK.
NT actually ported the older layer procedurals to Nodes, and they are in the SDK examples. But LW9 contained only very limited Node based examples.

But it sure would of been nice to have those examples, to encourage my own adoption to the Nodal shaders.

But NT often ignore there 3rd parties and their SDK and documentation.
So i don't expect it to be addressed anytime soon.


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I did notice "Recycled Additional Procedural Textures for Six (RAPTS)" in sample directory - but its not for Nodes and it appear to be old.

Specular_Node is included in SDK, and color node is available from AGFX.

I purchase an algoritm book and desiring to make some of my own Nodes. I think with Nodes - its great method to extend Lightwave.

NT shouldn't ignore 3rd party stuff - they should encourage it out, the more out the likely more people will use the package.

Lightwave is just a hobby for me. I program professionally ( 20+ years ) and I thought this will be cool way to use my professional talents for my hobby.


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I have taken the color node and added another input paramerter and now I now getting exception when loading.

It would be really nice to have a good tutorial and the developmenting these plugins - especially related to more complex stuff.
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