3d plugin menu option is dimmed in photoshop


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I note that in the readme it doesn't mention the registration wizard so I activated the software (I think I did) by registering it online and inputing the license key into the "about Rendition" window.

So, assuming that this does take the place of the function of the AWOL "registration wizard," I now can't access the plugin in photoshop.


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Menu is grayed out...

need to have 3D content loaded.... but of course there is no telling how to do that. You can't open a lwo or lws file, so exactly how is one to get 3D content in there then?


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I did try the tutorials...

But the 3D menu item is grayed out and doesn't work, so I can't follow the steps outlined in the tutorial.

I am on a mac, maybe that is what is wrong?


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I can't speak for the mac version, Mine worked just like the tut said.
Did you follow the order & go to Layer>3D Layers>New Layer From 3D File first?
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There are two ways to load a .lwo file, assuming you have the .lwo importer plugin installed. (.lws files are not supported)

1) Go to File>Open and change the file type to LightWave Object (.lwo)
2) Open a New file and go to the menu Layer>3D Layers>New Layer (as Warrenwc suggested)

After this you can use the LightWave Rendition plugin. The plugin will not open until it is activated in the About Box.


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