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Just wondering what the status may be on the update. I know it was said that the installer was being worked on and it would maybe be ready by NAB. Any more info?



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as we all are....

Given the trouble with this product, I wouldn't count on any release date until you actually see the physical product. Its been 'coming soon' for over a year now, and they've been 'finalizing it' since at least as far back as September 08.

Whether it is a lot bigger or a lot harder than expected, it simply isn't being very punctual.

Don Ballance

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I understand Verlons comments and they are justified. Things sometimes get pushed around in order of importance and revenue potential.

That being said, the first content pack is now shipping.
We are working on the installer for 3D Arsenal 1.5 and we will get it out ASAP but I don't have a date right now.
I will keep you posted here in this forum with what i know as I know it.



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so the sports pack and the 1.5 update are not in the same package then.

Anything on how we become 3DA registered users to get the update?

Don Ballance

Director of Training
The content pack for sports and the 3DA update are separate.

Any registered 3D Arsenal owner will be made aware of the upgrade when it becomes available.
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