3890 Core Update ????

Jim Capillo

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Seems that I remember a recommended core update for 3890. I don't believe it happened during install, certainly nothing I did manually thru a requester. I do remember a previous build asking me if I wanted to update the core, but not this time.

If there is a CU, how do I start the process ? :confused:


Paul Lara

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Jim Capillo said:
If there is a CU [in 3890], how do I start the process ? :confused:

Go to Start | Programs | Video Toaster 2 | Utilities | Core Updater

right where it's always been. :p


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I'm told if you don't need it, you won't be promped for it.
Although I've done it a couple times over the many builds just for safety sake.

DON'T forget to power down for a couple minutes after performing the core update!
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