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I'm the proud owner of a 3Play 330. I use it for football as a 3-output to switcher system. This way I can pick the angle I want for playback and can switch during th playback to any other angle. There have been times that I wished to have an angle replaying and would have liked to transition to a different angle immediately at the end of the first playback. To do it with the 330 I simply transition back to a live shot long enough for the operator to restart the playback again to which I transition back to the 3Play using a second angle. This works but takes too much time for a high school game. So I don't get to do it often.
I wondered about a 3Play such as the 425 or even a 4800 which, according to the manual, has two independent outputs. I always assumed that two outputs would allow for a transition between two angles during one playback using a built in transition when the unit is in A+B mode. But I was unsure how it might work using A to run one angle and then B to run the second angle once the first angle completed or was stopped. I don't seem to see reference to this so I'm asking...Am I correct or is this NOT what the two outputs are designed to do?


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On these other models there is a link mode playback, so you can have both the A and B channels play together, or you can control once channel, then quickly switch to the other for playback.

On the 425/820 system, the switching between the channels would happen on the switcher, so to use this you would need to connect the A and B outputs to the TriCaster (or other switcher) and perform these actions together.

On the 440/4800 and 3P1 system, this can do what the 425/820 models can do, but there is also the ability to perform transition from one channel to the other on the 3PLAY itself. In this case you always use the 'B' channel as program output, then you can use any transition to auto/take to the angle currently on the A channel, but when you perform this auto/take it will swap the sources in the channels. When you perform this action the currentl playback speed is applied to new channel you bring to playback.

There is also a cool feature on the 440/4800/3P1 systems where you can hold down the SHIFT button as you change camera angles, and the system will automatically reset back to the of the clip of the new angle you have selected. There are no transitions, but typically I find that people want cuts for this action. This makes it super easy to playback different replay angles.
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