2020 Render Engine - Brute Force / Irradiance / Grid Cache / GPU vs CPU Denoise / any recommended practices for Animation and Arch Viz and Interiors?


Hi there!
I am testing the new engine seeing different possible optimizations for Archiviz Animation and more specifically, Interior shots with camera path animation. What practices do you use more often in 2020? (we have so many different possibilities already?!)
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depends on the quality u want.

use interpolated.
bounce 4
rays 400x400
min pix space 2
max pix space 40

...for example



Ok, I'm finding already that the new optic denoiser, GPU, may be of big help.

At the same time, and when using Brute Force, keeping ray low and increasing AA helps clearing noise from the image :)

Superb results actually, really similar to Arnold indeed.
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