2015 renderer for 2018


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In my opinion I think 2015 is heavily coded on Image based lighting and is close to mimicking real world photography / photorealism
less calculations more accurate on some instances and 2018 has different algorithm that is now doing more calculation
type emulation hence using more resources to achieve realism closer to modo render algorithm and octane style output.

This could be a valid point on some levels as Lightwave 2015 engine is still at the top of most packages in render quality even now,
and developer should be maybe focusing more on combining octane render into LW core or they could off added the new 2018 PBR engine as separate Render engine inside of LW whilst keeping the 2015 engine as base mode untouched. ( 2 amazing renders but separate )

Then give the user a second render option to activate the NEW PBR algorthim so not to upset people who would like 2015 output untouched as it was in 2015, but giving them the option to choose between the 2 engine outputs ( 2015 / 2018 )

who knows what plans are for the future or reasons they have ............
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already posted here >

+1. old render engine with nodes still has its uses
agree, however moving forward is important, and the new 2018 Render engine pretty much does just that.
if anything, it would be smarter to make the 2018 engine optionally work more like the 2015 engine.

like mentioned in the other thread, you can't simply add the 2015 render engine back, without adding tons of code/time.

the 3rd and best option, imo, is to continue improving the 2018 render engine.
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I have to agree with erikals, onwards and upwards. I think its more about how the renderer works in 2018 than having 2015 renderer back. I only really use 2015 for modeling and baking some procedural and node stuff that is not available in 2018. Once thats done and i have the texutres baked its back to 2018 renderer. I would however like some of the options we had with lighting in 2015 back in 2018.

Oh and if one more person says "oh but its not real world" i will bust a nut, i dont always deal in the real world and the way its supposed to look. Celshading is not real world at all but we use it as well.
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