2 wips - need urgent crits


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this one, i tried to get depth of field to work, but found out that saslight will NOT render with depth of field. highly annoying, but not a lot a i can do about it at the minute


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this one, i am not sure about the hue of the lighting, i feel it may be a bit cold. what do you think?

anyway, for both please critisize honestly. i really need opinions, so post all the negative comments you would like to :)


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For the sas-lite blur problem... just render the sas and the forground as two seperate images, and blur the sas image in photoshop.

Both of them can use some better lighting. If this is for a product display then you should move your lightsource so that the product is easy to see. Currently the sides that face the camera are too dark.

The first one looks like there are almost no shadows at all, and it just seems dark (overcast) in general. Also, the seam for the wood texture is right in the middle of the render. might wanna move the texture's position so it is less conspicuous.

The table texture in the second image is way too low res. might consider using the lightwave procedurals for that type of wood. With a little tinkering, you can make a really nice wood texture. The pen also looks like it is floating.

Also, might want to increase the anti-aliasing, the blur gets a little shakey in the extremes of the second image.

Thats all I got for ya. Hope that helps


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If you're just rendering off images, do the depth of field in photoshop or aura or some other image editing program. it cuts down on render time and gives you a much better result. Your second image's DOF is kinda crappy. :D


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I think that your second image would be stronger too, if you only have one light casting shadows.

Multiple shadows tend to be distracting.


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thanks. the second image had to rendered quickly, with low res shadows and not enough aa to fit in the time schedule. will post updates either later today or tomorrow.

i have already changed the wood texture in the second image, but wil adjust the seam points in the first.

will also brighten the 1st.
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