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This was looking pretty empty here so I thought I'd post my first DFX+ project. It isn't terribly exciting, but it is DFX :)

It's an intro and menu for a DVD I'm working on. I took the statue picture on a digital camera and separated the Angel from the Background in Photoshop. I did the type, boxes, edge darkener and title in photoshop. I could have done a lot of that within DFX+. I took the title design from the VHS box. This is about 5.5 hours of work. I could have probably done it faster in After Effects, but I'm still getting used to DFX+.

The animation [DiVX 5: 256K]

A GIF of my flow [83k]

MAC OS X users: I've had good success using VLC to play DiVX files.


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First off- this looks good but...;)

No offense, but you really did this the hard way (not that I'm a DF pro or soemthing). You really could have limited your elements and the complexity of your flow had you done the Text in DF...plus you have several element that you could have "reused" without loading them again into DF. Did you save the LW image as a RLA from ligthwave with depth? If so you could have used the Z-buffer too...

There could be a lot more...that's the good and bad thing about DF is that you can do it YOUR way. My way could be diffrent but...keep the flow going though. I'd like to see anothe one comprised of just 5 elements plus effects to get the same product...

I used to use AE and it took me over a week to "de-learn" and relearn the basics of DF 'cause it's so diffrent. If you try to use it like AE it can kind of suck...but if you get their drift er, ah flow...;)


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Yeah, It isn't very optimized :)

There's no LW in this, just stills. I could've/should've done the menu text in DFX, but since I designed it in PS I figured I'd just import things rather than recreate them.

I currently have 9 PS layers in the flow. I could possibly done it 2 layers (foreground and background elements) if I figure out how to do the main title in DFX and add a stroke.

I'm really diggin' DFX+ but I do run into things that confound me. :) Thanks for the input.
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