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I really hope that someone out there can help me with this one. I called NewTek Technical Service and they just gave me the standard "that's a Ulead question, call them" answer.

I have VT4 edit file that I have shot entirely in 16x9 format. When I import the project into DVD Workshop. It doesn't let me set the aspect ratio of the project to 16x9 (by right clicking on the movie and setting my output prefs). The option is faded back in the pop up window. However, I can import a rendered AVI and choose stretch in the same window and the movie will stretch to fit the movie window that I have set to 16x9. I know that this can't be the "professional" way to do this. I am creating this DVD now but it seems like a very "ghetto" way of doing it.

To you DVD wizards out there.. WHat is your best technique for creating a 16x9 DVD out of VT4 that retains the best quality picture?



Yeah, I'm going to 2nd this question. :help:

I have a bunch of dv.avis from recorded live shows from VT[4.6b] that had the "set 16:9 flag" checked. However they appear to be locked as 4:3 in ulead. I can't find a way to change them.
When I open the clips in Windows Media Player, it shows them as 4:3 .. sounds like a 16:9 output problem in VT.. Do I need to re-render all these files in Premiere?

Stretch is all well and good on a 16:9 TV, but it's going to cause troubel on a 4:3 TV.

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If you encode your 16:9 project VTP through TMPGEnc, setting the input and output formats both at 16:9, DVD WS should see it as 16:9.


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Also, you can render from VTEdit as DV.avi, and check the 16:9 flag. DVDWS recognizes that (though you will get a prettier image if you use TMPGEnc.) The only time I have had it not recognize was bringing a VTEdit project file over, rather than rendering.
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