16x9 Output from VT4.6 Not Working...


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Hi gang. got a project gong in VT[4] version 4.6

(It's a new install, with version 4.0 installed, then 4.6 installed over that. I hope I wasn't supposed to install VT 4.5 before 4.6! Can anyone straighten me out on that?)

Also, the PREFERENCE setting for DEFAULT format is NTSC 16x9 but for some reason, the project plays back into the Canon HV30 camcorder (which is natively 16x9 by the way) via Firewire as 4:3 - with the pixels squashed horizontally, so everything looks "slim" and the viewfinder on the cam not being filled up (horizontally).

There's no setting on the camcorder for the "VCR" mode, that allows one to select either 4:3 or 16:9.

What am I missing?

(I've got a guess: VT[4] won't output widescreen through the DV connection; instead, it will do so through the analogue output of the VT card. Am I correct? (Here's hoping I'm wrong!)

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DV widescreen is a display convention. The video is at the same resolution as 4:3 DV.

If you are rendering to a DV AVI file, you can custom set-up the codec and check the anamorphic widescreen flag, that will tell whatever is playing the video that it should be displayed in the wide aspect ratio, instead of 4x3.

I don't think there is a way to have VT[4] flag live DV output as widescreen, so from there it's a matter of manually adjusting whatever device you're displaying through to tell it that the video should be shown wide.


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Right, but as Peter points out, there should be a way to have the flag set properly for the live feed as well. I'm not sure if I'd call it a feature request or a bug, but it's something that someone should send to Newtek's attention.

This same limitation is in SpeedEDIT stand-alone.
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