12x NDI|HX2 streams recording on TC2 ?


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do you think it would be possible to record 12x HX2 streams (1080p50) on a TC2 on Gigabit ?
I know that with Full NDI CPU power it's not a problem even with a lot of streams, but in case of HX it's encoded in Full codec, so I wonder if TC2 has enough capabilities for this numbers.
Thank you


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I have not tried that many. The HX decoding is GPU accelerated, so it should handle many decodes, but I don't know where that limit exact limit is.


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In the past we have recorded more than 12 hx streams from panasonic ptz camera's for more than 12 hours on a TC1 with P.A. enabled. No problems at all. We were using a blackmagic multidock 10G with the usb-c connection to the tricaster and 4 2GB Samsung SSD's. This should also work with the TC2 if it has an usb-c connection. I think...
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