1,000 Lego bricks, 7.5million polygons, and some bulet dynamics


Just sharing a mini-project I ws having a play with. I think the title says it all.

I created a colour wheel and applied a custom lookup table to convert it to lego colours, and used this to colour each brick by sampling it's position.

Rendered full size at 2048x2048, which seems to be the limit for my laptop! The attached image is scaled down to 1024x1024, but a small section at 100% size is also attached.

(I also rendered a HD version with all the bricks in the 'Earth Blue' colour, which has made a rather nice Desktop for my laptop...)




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I didn't think instances worked with Bullet? I might revisit it if so...

**edit... Just thought... I could have a 'placement polygon' inside the low-poly collision object, and later populate that with instances... That would work.**

(I still need to buy something from you for your plugin help before Christmas... I hadnt' forgotten, but things have been a bit up in the air, and I keep getting sidetracked...)
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