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Thread: Yet another PFX question

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    Yet another PFX question

    I'm working in the WaterBox.lws scene trying to get the hang of Particle Effects and I'm mystified by a qestion, and maybe someone could help.

    When I load their scene, I see that their particles are controlled by a motion file. When I clear the motion file so I can tweak with the settings, the particles don't behave correctly anymore (or at least I think they don't). When the motion file is loaded, they interact with eachoter and they have buyancy, fill the box, and swish around. But when I remove the motion file, they just fall limp to the bottom of the box and swish around.

    how do I get the particles to interact with eachother and/or regain their bouyancy? I've tried the different self-interaction modes, but with no luck.

    Any help would be HUGELY appreciated.



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    You have to press FXstart for the calculation of interacting particles.
    See also manual.



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