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Thread: Core: The Devil is in the Details.

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    Core: The Devil is in the Details.

    I'm excited by the announcement of Core and the technical details presented in the Tech FAQ.

    I fully intend to sign up for "Hard Core" to help influence the development of the UI and interface paradigm aspects of Core. Why? Because the Devil is in the Details. On a technical level, it sounds like quite a bit will be possible with the Core SDK. But as users we need to actually interact with the software. As far as Nodes are concerned, a few well defined classes in the SDK for certain data types and UI elements could go a long way towards support for some amazing interface paradigms. OR... if the interface paradigm chosen is awkward, it could literally be hellish to use. I want to make sure NT goes the right way and makes LWCore the envy of the industry.

    About me: Many years at major CG animation and effects studios I don't want to mention by name. (If you know who "LordTangent" really is, then you know which studios they are) I started out on LW v2 used it for many years professionally (up to v7.5) and then moved into studios that didn't use LW and I had to learn THEIR systems. But I've always been a fan of LW. (9.5 and 9.6 are pretty amazing in themselves. Had a chance to do some freelance on them) I still use LW for large parts of my personal projects. By this point I've used several different systems and interfaces professionally, including a lot of node based stuff. I know what works and what doesn't in production. Now that I see that Nodes are going to be used for the entire LW interface I'm stoked about LW's future. This is an excellent opportunity for LW to pull ahead of the pack and deliver an amazing product. And I want to help them.

    I'm not going to put down most of my ideas here since I'm saving them for the Core forums. But I'm posting here to invite people who know me to consider signing up for Hardcore. Now is our chance to make LW what we always wanted it to be!
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    see you in the hardCORE forums then!
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    Not an expert as you, but I dig your attitude!
    This is the right one!
    Nt needs good feedback from experienced artists to get things right.
    Since new team is very good, and committed to make Lw become better, i hope a very lot of good artists can provide em with good suggestions both for UI, workflow and implementations.
    The results can only be awesome!
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