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    Posterize time

    Hey, folks;

    I am trying to create a kind of synthetic animation effect whereby the camera is animated at a regular 24/30 fps, but characters and other moving scene elements are animated at 8fps or thereabouts. Does anyone know how to achieve this simply (without requiring tedious manual manipulation of envelopes)? I know that this can be accomplished by rendering the scene elements in two passes and compositing them together, but I would prefer to avoid this step if possible.

    I am, in essence, looking for a "posterize time" filter that I can selectively apply to scene elements.

    Thanks so much,


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    I am not understanding why you would want to do something like this, but......

    The first solution that comes to mind is to do it in a compositing application. Render your 24-30 fps items and then in a separate layer render your 8 fps items and then in a compositing package composite them both together. The render out of the compositing package may interpolate the 8 fps animation to match the 24 - 30 fps output rate.

    What is the type of effect you are looking for. It this for something like bullet time?

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    I am trying to achieve a different kind of aesthetic effect for my animation. I want the camera (and everything static that it renders) to move fluidly, but I want characters (and other animated items) to move at the 8 fps typical of cel-drawn animation.

    I am aware that this can be done by compositing, but I think there may be a problem with that approach; the compositing will be correct on 8 fps time boundaries, but will slip out of alignment in between.

    What I really need is an envelope filter (preferably one that could be applied at the object level!) that allows me to set frame rates arbitrarily. I will probably end up writing a script.

    If anyone has any ideas at all, I would appreciate hearing from you.


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    Gotcha.....sorta that cheap saturday morning anime cartoon type feel.

    You could possibly acheive the same affect through the graph editor. Render the scene at 24-30 fps but have the models animate as if they are animated at 8 fps. Just a thought.

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    You could try to create an expression that works additively on your channel. Basically you would need to take current values, divide them with the 24/ 30 fps value in some way and then use clamp, ceiling or floor along with some multiplication to "hold" your motion so it looks like 8 fps or something. Also using a modulus could work to a certain degree (conditional expression).

    As for the compositing approach: I wouldn't worry too much. The AE posterize time filter works properly most of the time but of course you would still have to render everything at 24/ 30 fps which will not save you much time on rendering. If AE is not good enough for you, you could also try ReTimer.

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    Animate at 3x speed.
    Keyframe at every frame.(motion bake)
    Stretch all keys by 3x.
    set all keys to stepped.


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