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Thread: 9.5 open beta for mac expires before release ?

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    9.5 open beta for mac expires before release ?

    I have the 9.5 open beta and i get a message that it will expire in 10 days. From the rumors i heard that the release of 9.5 will happen sometime in november (near the end ?). Will there be a point where i won't be able to use 9.5 until i get my hands on on the final release ? Don't want the scenes i'm working on to be hostage until 9.5 final ships on the mac. Unless 9.3 can open 9.5 files (obviously minus the 9.5 specific features)

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    you might want to keep open beta questions in the open beta forums.

    and speculations are just that "speculations", which is probably the reason they are not spelled "f-a-c-t-s".

    you don't want to set this thread on fire, do you?

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    the license is auto-renewing. After it expires, log into your LW account here and go to your products page. a new key will be in there....just copy the nujmber and create a new key from a text doc like you did the first just starts over after 30 days with a new one.


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