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Thread: How can I render just the object shadow?

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    How can I render just the object shadow?

    I have a kid's playset against a ground object and need to render the playset and the playset's shadow separately. How can I do that? Rendering just the playset is obviously no prob but how can I get a render of just the playset's shadow with no playset or ground? LW 7.5. Thanks!

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    Set the alpha of the ground plane to use the shadow density... that should render the shadow to the alpha channel which you can then use... if that's what you mean...
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    And set the playset to 'unseen by camera'. That way it will still render the shadows but you won't see it.

    Also, you can try to use the .psd exporter form the image filters tab. With that exporter you can toggle which passes you want. Not a real passes exporter but good enough for these things.
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    Thanks guys! It worked great!


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