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Thread: When TriCaster-HD Hits, Should it Write to DivX HD?

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    When TriCaster-HD Hits, Should it Write to DivX HD?

    With the DivX certification of this new player from LG Electronics, for DivX HD playback...
    ...I'm thinkin', Hmmm, maybe it's time to consider the benefits of writing to such files directly, in upcoming NewTek products that rock HD...

    But might there be any difficulty with chroma-keying DivX HD in post? What do you think?

    Believing there's plenty of space in the market, for HD alternatives to Blu-ray recording, in the varied market sectors many media producers cater to, I thought I'd post this.

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    I don't think DiVX, Xvid, or any other MPEG4 variant will do well for editors. For playback it's fine, but due to the high rate of compression, I don't know how good it'll look once you start to process it. I've only used MPEG4 as a consumer though and once for a website, so maybe someone more knowledgeable about codecs will pipe up.

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    I don't think recording to Mpeg 4.2 (which DivX, XVid, etc. are) would be wise. There is no support for 4:2:2 subsampling, nor is there suport for Intra-frame encoding, best for editing and worse yet, no edit suite supports them natively (some do support them, of course, but by using system codecs, not internal ones) I think recording to Mpeg 4.11 (AVC/h.264) would be much smarter - perhaps whith an option to choose between AVC-HD compatible stream and a AVC-Intra type stream. Recording to a HDV-type file would also be nice.


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