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Thread: Some pics from Siggraph

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    Some pics from Siggraph

    Here's the sexy LW booth this year:

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    Here's some shots showing off the new IK bones and dynamics:

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    Here's a shot of the crowd that got quite large at some points:

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    Here's a blurry image of the other side of the booth, but I kinda like the effect :

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    And for all you Mac guys, drool over this, it's a frame of Finding Nemo being rendered fairly quickly on a G5 at the pixar booth:

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    Hey ...nice pictures Takkun ! Keep them coming !

    I also like the blurry effect



    ps. now im really sad i didnt go to Siggraph.... Irene could have scanned my card...

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    Excellent pics Takkun! You da man!

    I sooooooooo wish I was there!!!!
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    Nice stuff! Anyone else have photo's they can post - Love getting the chance to check this out!

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    Is that onion skinning I see in the 5th and 6th photos of the big screen? If so, nice one and about time too.
    If not, I must be talking out me ear again.

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    No that's not onion skinning, I took all the photos without any flash so the exposures a bit long. I hate using flash unless I have to, it makes everything too flat.

    But onion skinning would be a great feature!!!! Please Newtek!

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