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    Post to facebook

    Hi all,

    Don't forget to sign up as a fan to our LightWave 3D page on facebook and post your images to the fan gallery there.

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    Sounds cool
    signed up and rolling with it..
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    I agree... I'm always looking for more inspiration...I need it

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    History.. you have to know where you've been...

    Back in 1993 Newtek came out with screamer a well check part of this article out.

    August 16, 1993
    This small Topeka, Kan., company is now about to do the same for 3D animation with the Screamer, a four-chip parallel microprocessing extension to the Toaster that runs at a blistering 150 megahertz and costs $9,995..

    and in the video they had online was said this...

    a lot of power a lot of capability in a single box..and now with 9.6 which was just released a couple of weeks ago we've made it even more bulletproof more powerful even easier...sorta stacking the decks in our favor...not only that- that's cool in itself...we have some new developments that just started technology makes doing 3d not only faster and easier but moves the limits and takes (cannot understand) but hopefully history proves us right... people will like what they are about to hit stack right on top of another..lightwave artist are making history every day. the second guy is Jarod Davis from zoic studios.

    Keywords: Faster, easier, stacking, history???? c'mon guys a little help here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garyrw View Post

    I agree... I'm always looking for more inspiration...I need it

    Amen to that! Same here. I love looking through the galleries to see the brilliant things people have done. :agree:
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeeVee View Post
    Hi all,

    Don't forget to sign up as a fan to our LightWave 3D page on facebook and post your images to the fan gallery there.


    Very Bad Idea...
    Facebook sells my Data...
    I quit my Membership...

    Not in my Name !

    snip safx

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    If you value your copyright on your work, dont post it on FB...
    They own everything you decide to post there and when you delete your images it does not really get deleted.

    Stay paranoid - Sooner or later they really are after you.
    Signature? Where?

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    Hi, I was wondering, is there any way to upload a video to the official Lightwave Gallery?
    Are you guys considering an animation section?
    Best regards.


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