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Thread: Bevel on an extruded odd shaped poly???

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    Bevel on an extruded odd shaped poly???

    So, I'm trying to model a Les Paul guitar body. I'm using bezier draw to do the sketching of the body. Make poly, extrude and I got a nice body. So, how can I create a bevel on the edges? After the extrude I get so many segments on the sides! Bevel doesn't work. Is there some way to do this??


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    If you are using polys the way you are to create the shape, you do need quite a bit of polys to hold a nice curve in profile. You may not need as many as you have. You can adjust the amount of points generated by freezing a curve if you go to your options panel (0) and change the curve subdivisions amount. You can also play with the Detail/ Reduce Points tool.

    For organic modeling you will find yourself running into more stumbling blocks along the way trying to just use polygons. You can get over them, but currently there is technology that helps you do that much better with Subpatches. You might have to take a step back to take ten steps forward but it will be worth it.

    There was a little guitar thread here a while ago here. Just on the general concept of creating a guitar body.

    Here's a sample of a the beginning of a subpatch guitar body.

    My tutorial will help you with subpatches. Might be worth looking into if you are planing to do organic or even hard surface objects that have complex merging forms.

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    Thanks Rich

    Yea, I suppose I could use the pen tool to do my outline, extrude it, then delete my 2 big face polys, subpatch to get a nice smooth edges for the guitar body. I could then make polys for the top and bottom faces with the points from the sides. When both faces are done I could then slice it through the edges to give me tighter edges.

    I just wondered if there was a better way of doing this. But your picture pretty much explained that I was on the right track before I started creating bezier points.


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    That's the idea. But it is a lot easier to create the basic poly with the pen tool to get your shape. Then use the bevel tool as inset only to give yourself an edge loop around the body. Then you can just start creating quads with the connect or add edges tool. That part takes a little planning and practice and if you want an arch in the body plan for that. But do all of this first, then extrude, then do a bandsaw pro around the edges. Then work on your arch and other things.

    Download and look at that file in the link I gave you. It will explain a lot.

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    Will do, Rich!

    Thanks a million!



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