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Thread: L.W and Photoshop

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    L.W and Photoshop

    Hi There \
    I wish to buy Photoshop CS3 and don't know whether to splurge and buy
    the extended version for its model texturing capabilities.does anyone have
    any thoughts on this, does anyone use it to texture thier LWO's,does it work ok? is there a plugin for photoshop to import LWO's instead of OBJ files.
    Finally,,if LWO's are converted to OBJ,imported to Ph'shop ,textured,saved
    then imported back to LW,does it all work smoothly and keep the textures/
    poly's all nice.
    Help and advice would be much appreciated. I'm still using Photoshop Elements 2 (the last of the decent elements) so an upgrade would be nice!


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    1.? LW9.3.1's OBJ exporter does not put out an .mtl file only the .obj part thus rendering it useless for this purpose
    2.? You still need a UV map (even if its just a quick atlas map) in order to utilize the process so if your doing this in order to bypass the need to learn uv's forget it.
    3.? The blurb for the forthcoming LW9.5 promised a brand new OBJ export plugin so who knows it may yet work.
    4.? Newtek has a Photoshop CS3 plugin in beta (Rendition) at the moment, so there may be even better cross connectivity on the way eventually.
    5.? Having done tests exporting OBJ's from other packages into CS3 I've got to say I'm not crazy about the workflow, it's a little alien to other 3D paint progs such as Modo or Bodypaint, and a little disjointed. Bottom line, though I have all three methods at my disposal I still prefer to map conventionally and work in CS3 in 2D mode it's less hassle

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    I too, have been undewhelmed by the 3D-connectivity of LW & CS3 extended.
    HOWEVER, I am thrilled that I laid out the extra cash for extended because of the extras it DOES come with (check Adobes sight & see what you can live with.
    I also have high hopes for Rendition(Was hoping to be beta testing it).
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