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Thread: Shortcuts in node editor (LW UB)

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    Shortcuts in node editor (LW UB)

    I have just try LW UB on my new macIntel and I have the following question:
    How can I acces the shortcut (copy , paste...) in the node editor. It seems that it is not working, or am i missing something ?
    These shorcuts are very useful for my workflow.

    Thanks for answering

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    Agreed, this is a major bug in the UB version of Lightwave. It was reported a while back (during the 9.3 OB) and if I'm remembering correctly, was reported as fixed. Sadly... it's not.

    Have you tried resubmitting to FogBugz?
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    No, I think i'll waiting for the 9.5 OB release. Perhap's it solves the problem.

    Thanks for the answer.

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    I usually just right click the nodes to copy them and right click to paste them as well. I too find that the command-c/v don't work with the nodes so I rely heavily on the right click and control clicks in the node editor.

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    This is one of the reasons I use the CFM version whenever I don't need to use a UB plugin.
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