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Thread: VT problem

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    VT problem


    I bought a vt3 system some months ago and I have a big problem. I see interferences on input video signal, specially on dark images. I used several cables and cameras. Also software crashes a lot.

    Please help. I live in Spain and I don't know who can I help me!

    Thanks a lot


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    Our back room looks like spegetti and if video cables cross power cables we'll get noise like you describe especially noticable in the dark areas.

    As for the software, when an application crashes often, the best cure is often to un-reinstall the software.
    If that doesn't work, a clean OS install is sometimes needed.
    There are countless things that can cause crashing, bad power, CPU getting too hot, bad memory etc, If you've covered everything, you might try the re-install. But take the time to do it right.
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