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Thread: 3DA and LightWave 9.3.1

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    3DA and LightWave 9.3.1

    We purchased 3DA a few weeks ago and installed the product from the DVD and went through the activation/registration process. We had to call NewTek technical support for the registration key and they we great help!! However, the 3DA Tab is not showing up in LightWave (what did the 3DA install do?).

    After searching the 3DA forum we found some instructions on how to manually install 3DA. The instructions mention LW 7.5 and LW 8 and configuration files for LightWave 7.5 and LightWave 8 but nothing for LightWave 9. On the 3DA DVD there are only LightWave 7.5 and 8 configuration files. As you would expect, we are a bit hesitant to use the LW8 configuration files with LW9. Does anyone know or have 3DA and LW9 instructions and configuration files?

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    You can go here to get the LightWave 9.x configuration files for 3DA for Windows:

    Install the files in the ZIP into C:\Documents and Settings (Users if you're on Vista)\Your user name. Overwrite any files if prompted to do so and make sure LightWave is not running when you install them.

    Also make sure the Toasterdudes directory is in the C:\Program Files\NewTek\LightWave 3D 9.x\Plugins directory. The Toasterdudes plugins folder can be located on the root of the 3DA disc 2.

    Call or e-mail us here if you require any further assistance!
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    I downloaded the Configuration and Interface Loader files for Lightwave 9.x at:

    I am able to load the Interface file for Layout but Modeler seems to have an issue. When looking at the file sizes, the one for Layout is 18kb while Modeler is only 1kb and seems to only have one line in it:

    MenuEntry 131072 1 GraphEditor
    MenuEntry 131072 1 _

    Is the Modeler file ok? The one for 8.5 is 21kb.

    Can I use the loader files for Mac? The Interface file on the Mac side is also like 27kb.

    Please advise, thanks.


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    Try using the raw config files instead of the interface loaders.
    These should work and there are movies to show you where they go.
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