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Thread: Create Drop Shadows for CG Scroll Text!

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    Create Drop Shadows for CG Scroll Text!

    This is a neat contribution by Jose' Burgos [VTNT techgroups] which I thought was worthy of cross-posting here. Way to go, Jose'.

    Although you can't create drop shadows for your text scrolls within the CG interface itself -- you can do so from within...

    ...the control tree tab.
    Problem is every line in the scroll needs to be changed individualy
    as there is no buttons in the edit window except shadow on or off.
    But fear not, go to the control tree and open the tree for the first
    line of text.

    Now expand the shadow tree and change the type to Drop.
    In the Shadow tree, change anything else you want while you are here.
    When you are all done, the first line of text is exactly the way you
    want it.

    So go to the edit window and select the Styles tab.
    Select Add Style.
    Now select all your text (Ctrl+A) and select the new style you just

    In the future, make all changes to the first line of text that you
    want all preceeding lines to have on them (like same color, shadow,
    size, etc.).
    Then all new lines of text created will inherit the new information.

    If you want a line or two with different features, make different
    styles and select them or just edit the individual lines in the
    control tree... José Burgos
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