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Thread: ZBrush Matcaps in Lightwave

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    ZBrush Matcaps in Lightwave

    For everyone that doesn't know how ZBrush matcap materials work, within the material is a sphere texture (like the one shown below) which represents the lighting and material properties for the matcap. The texture actually represents a virtual sphere in the material and the normal angles of your object correspond to the normal angles of the sphere.

    It's kind of like baking the lighting into a texture in Lightwave except instead of baking it into the color UV texture, you're baking it to a sphere texture which represents the lighting and material. That material can then be applied to any model without having to bake the lighting in again for animation purposes for every new object.

    Have I lost anyone yet? I hope I'm explaining this right.

    Anyway, I'm trying to duplicate this function in Lightwave. IF it can be done, then creating a turntable animation with a matcap material like this would be extremely fast and would have the "faux" radiosity/GI in the material itself rather than having to be calculated.

    Below is an example sphere image of a bronze material which can be imported into a ZBrush matcap material:

    And here is what it looks like applied to an object in ZBrush:

    Anyone have any ideas on how to duplicate that function in Lightwave? I've tried with nodes, but have had no luck. I don't even know if it's possible, but it's worth a look.
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    Didn't Worley's G2 have this option?

    Anyway, it sounds very doable with Nodes, but i really have to figure out what matcap really does.
    Sounds like a lot more goes on under the hood with the Matcap feature.
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