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Thread: LightWave 3D Development Team Openings

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    LightWave 3D Development Team Openings

    NewTek, Inc., is now hiring for openings on the LightWave 3D Development Team in San Antonio, TX, USA. Currently we are open to applications for five positions on the team.

    Our careers page:

    The LightWave 3D Development Team Listings:

    * 3D Rendering Engineer:

    * 3D Modeling Engineer:

    * 3D Animation Engineer:

    * 3D Dynamics Engineer:

    * User Interface Engineer:

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    Hi, I'm interested in working for newtek!
    I have 7+ yrs experience using Lightwave 3d live in austin and can re-locate to san antonio. The links adove are dead.

    I wish to apply for Lighting, modeling, dynamics engineer, any that I may best fit. Please contact for any additional information you might need.

    Sample of my work:
    Measure twice and render once.

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    Huh? Wha? Did I get fired this morning?

    Oh, never mind. I think those positions have been filled in the 4.5 years since the original message.

    And unless you made those images with a program you wrote yourself, I don't think you are well-suited to a software development position.


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    uhm.. hehe...

    hey jarno, do we ever get see that nice texture stuff you have on your personal site?
    ala imagesynth?.. or did lux ran with it?




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