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    Should I buy over-the-counter, or have a computer friend build a system to support NewTek's software...anyone? thx

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    It's always nice to buy from a Newtek reseller as you have a local person you can talk to about what you plan to do with the system. They are also there to help if there are issues and that is alot harder to get from the over the counter guys. Newtek resellers are also aware of what works and what doesn't.

    If you do go it on your own, here are some key things to look at.
    Good OpenGL support on your video card.
    Lots of RAM
    Fast CPU
    dual, quad, 64 bit all supported.
    Don Ballance
    Director of Training for NewTek
    Co-creator of Newtek's Award Winning 3D Arsenal

    [email protected]


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