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Thread: More Camera brands/models ?

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    More Camera brands/models ?

    Are there any plans to expand the model range of camera brands in the Real Lens Camera Plugin for LW9.2 ?

    I mean. New model digital camera's keep popping up like mushrooms. The minute you buy one and walk out the store, the camera-shop dude is setting up the new model behind your back. It's almost as crazy as with cell phones.

    The one I'm missing is the Olympus E-410/E-510 (which isn't that strange since there brand new). Although the E-300 including a bunch of lenses are there and should be essentially the same (is it ?)

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    If you are PC, there's a way to get new Real Camera+Lens with
    the Radial Shift Camera, but you will need three calibration
    parameters named a,b & c.
    and this thread,

    Calibration is a process which could be achieved with external application
    (there are some free softwares) with a set of images of a grid frame
    or building with horizontal & vertical lines.
    I think (this is not confirmed) that the LW Real Lens use
    the same calibration polynomial from a lens data base (PTLens?)



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