hi Folks
For this meeting we will have Dustin Adair screen his animated short We Were Centurions, and talk about its creation.

We will also have Larry Shultz talking about the project he is currently
working on called Afterworld and will show us some stuff on Hypervoxels.

Meeting is at 2pm. sunday june 24 There's a $5 cover charge. (Please try to
briing exact change) Donuts, coffee, sandwiches will be provided and
something yummy from aspiring chef Mrs. Camilla Shultz...

Meeting is at Studio Arts at Los Angeles River center and gardens. 570 West
Avenue 26. Los Angeles CA Crosstreets, between San Fernando Blvd and

let me know if you have any questons. We hope to see you there

PS. Happy Birthday to Jennifer Hachigian and Jerimiah Morey