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Thread: Saving Failsafe?

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    Saving Failsafe?

    Could we get a saving failsafe on all save commands??
    I was just working in layout, changed a few surface settings, clicked "Save all objects", and layout crashed for some reason.. I plead and plead that the files were intact, but go to open the scene again and I get "Error loading object"..
    Sure enough, the object was corrupt and all I got in modeller was a big point cloud where the object should be.

    We have some kind of failsafe saving system when layout exits and requests a "save and quit" dialogue, as I understand, it saves the file as a separate filename and once the save procedure is complete, overwrites the original file.

    I wouldn't mind losing a few minutes work, but I lost an entire object. Fortunately it was just a colour variation of another object - but I still had to replace all the colours which took a good half hour, on a tight deadline. If I had lost the whole object I would be royally pished.

    I'm impressed with the way Max auto-backs up everything, ever. My workmate has been in the middle of rendering something and the program crashes, but still manages to bring up a dialogue: Your program has just crashed. Would you like to attempt to save the current scene? Yes/No.

    Do we have a working autobackup system? I'm sure I tried it but didn't get anywhere with it.

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    Good request. It is very important that noone loose work because of a bug in LW (or a 3rdparty plugin).

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    Two things that will help avoid this in future:

    1. The hub does have the auto-save option. This DOES work if your LW is set up correctly.

    2. Smart-Save. I keep going on about this, but I wrote it for a reason...

    It's free:

    It saves backup copies with the time and date and even the initials of the person that saved it.

    Latest version includes "Save As" for new scenes/objects.

    Try it, you might like it!



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