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Thread: Color automation!

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    Color automation!

    Does anyone know how to automate color in animation. I tried hitting the 'E' tab in the Surface Editor and automating it there (like you would with depth of field), but it turned out ugly. For example, I have a yellow window that I want to change color through the animation, but not an immediate change, it has to change over time. Like yellow to blue to green etc. Any tips?

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    You are doing it right, but you need to add more than two keys to your timeline in the graph editor for the change to become smooth (by default).

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    Well, the problem is, when I try to automate it, under the frame number it has another number that makes no sense. This is the place where I would tell the software what color I want it to go to at the frame above. How do I know what color I'm transitioning to?

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    It's not showing you the color there as well? If you see yellow down there, it's working as it should; if not, somethings changed.

    I'm curious now... Yeah, that still works.

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    Ok, this is what I did:
    1) I opened the Surface Editor
    2) I hit the 'E' button next to the color square, and got the graph.
    3) I hit return to pull up the frame number and the automation data (where you type in where you are or where you want to go).
    4) I scratch my head because in the automation data area there is a number, but I am dealing with colors, how I change the color over time?

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    Your graph should look like this:

    The numbers relate 0 to 100 percent for each RGB channel. This relates to the slider type color picker where 100 percent is white and 0 is black. There should be a color strip along the bottom.

    By default the Graph Editor opens with all the channels in the channel bin (to the left) selected.

    Select one and hit enter, if you don't you make a key for each channel, which is fine if that is what you want, but you have to select them one at a time for editing.
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    Wow, great info, thanks!


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