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Thread: Noob Modeling Question

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    Noob Modeling Question

    I've been working on a cathedral scene for the last few days and I wanted to add some sort of altar at one end of it.

    I had a few questions before I began to model it though:

    1.) What's the best way to get the model started? The two images below depict my two initial ideas, both making a certain aspect of modeling it appear easier:

    This way would make the shape the fastest (multishifted), but would make the repetitive details, well, repetitive.

    This way, a cross section of a basic pattern that would be repeated, which would allow me to do all the detail work, and then repeat the pattern to form the sides of the altar, but I would have to make four corner pieces, and changing/adding detail would require me to repeat all the steps again anyway:

    2.) In the second picture, what's the best way to add detail like the circle protruding from the profile? In the picture, I just made it in a separate layer, but would it be wiser to try to bring it forth from the existing geometry? And if so, how do I go about doing that?

    3.) What's the best way to make it a four-sided altar with semi-sharp, microbeveled edges at the four corners, but make the profile sub divided (Catmull-Clark is what I'm using) so that it's nice and smooth as you go up the profile? In other words, avoid turning the rectangular altar into a oval altar.

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    You can use the multishift tool which allows you to save and reuse profiles. You can keep the edges sharp by using edge weighting.


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