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Thread: Tablet recommendations?

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    Tablet recommendations?

    I'm unable to find a store in Dresden that stocks tablets, so find myself in the unenviable position of having to consider buying based on recommendations rather than hands-on experimentation.... Only Amazon seem to carry anything useful.

    A quick trawl of Google didn't turn up a comparison review of tablets, either. I'm mulling ZBrush and would also be wanting to use it with the likes of ArtRage. So....what would represent the best value for money at this point in time?

    Are there any 'gotcha's or complete lemons that I should be aware of? Any questions that I should be asking, but am not aware of?

    Target platform would be OS X on a MBP, with occasional use under Windows XP (via BootCamp).

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    Size is up to you. If you are a classically trained artist, bigger is better; if you have limited space on your desktop, smaller would fit the bill.

    3DWorld had a comparson a while back; might be worth your time to look at their site to see if the article is online.

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    I have a Wacom 6 x 9' intuos 2, its great, nice & solid and made in Japan. Best computer addition I ever bought, I have never had a problem with it after 4 years of usage.
    The intuos 3 series has increased pressure sensitivity, I would go for one of those. Wacom is realy the only way to go tablet wise from what I have heard.
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    My general (early) opinion on using Wacom tablet. I model with a tablet exclusively now. I'm 4th post from end.

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    Wacom is the way to go, they make the best and most durable tablets. I still have my trusty Intuos 2 A5 tablet. I took it all over the place during the years I was freelancing and I never ever had any problem or mallfunction with it what so ever and I still use it almost every day.

    Be aware though.... there is a difference between the Graphite and Intuos series of the wacom tablets. The sensitivity of the Graphites is half of that of the Intuos (half the number of steps). Normaly this doesn't matter much, but a experienced Intuos user can note the difference while working. So if you have the money, go for Intuos.
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    I have to agree, I use wacom at home and at work, older versions though. I heard the newer versions are even better.

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    I can not make any recommendations, but 3DWorld #91 (grasshopper on the cover) had their comments on 3 Wacoms, a Trust, and a Genius tablets.

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    The wacoms i have used have been really nice, I myself have a cheap store branded thing which does the job tho. Id love to have a nice large one which would be the way to go if your used to working from paper sketch pads.

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    I just bought the wide aspect Wacom, it is great.

    If you use a wide aspect monitor, then it is a no brainer, it is the only one to get.

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    Wacom Intuos 3!

    I have the 6" x 8" at home, and the unwieldly 12' x 19' at work-DONT BUY THE BIGGEST ONE! I hate using the 12x19. Takes up too much desk space and takes forever to move around the screen. Save the money. the smaller ones work just as well-same resolution, data rate and accuracy.
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    I just bought my wacom about an hour ago am using it right now. It was super wierd for the first ten minutes but I am realy liking it now. It will rock when I get my copy of zbrush.

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    I used an Aiptek 9x12" tablet for a few weeks before switching to a Wacom Intuos3 9x12". With the Aiptek, if I had the tablet too close to a CRT monitor, the RF interference would cause the pointer to jump around on the screen.

    The Wacom is far more sensitive, precise, and doesn't require batteries for the stylus or mouse like the Aiptek does.

    So yet another vote for Wacom from me.

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    I am wondering why nobody mentioned Wacom's Cintiq Nobody have it? I would like to hear how well they work, before spending $2.5k..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sensei
    I am wondering why nobody mentioned Wacom's Cintiq Nobody have it? I would like to hear how well they work, before spending $2.5k..

    That's why noone has it. Pretty damned heavy on the wallet.
    But like everyone else, Wacom seems to hold sway, I have a newer one at work and a 7 year old one at home that still works. Can't beat what works.

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