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Thread: got a weird problem with layout

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    got a weird problem with layout

    I'm creating a cartoonish serpentine character, with a long neck and tail. the neck is constructed in segments because the bones did horrible things when i made it a single tube.
    now i've built the character with bones, and again using layer/pivots for the movement, but in both cases none of the segments will stay moved when I adjust them in the layout.
    the neck will bend, one segment, but when I try to bend a second segment the first snaps back to it's original position.
    why is this happening? and how do I make it stop so I can?
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    There are three buttons underneath your time slider in Layout.....

    Make sure the top one 'Auto Key' is checked. (As in, highlighted)

    If you don't have this set to 'on' - you will have to manually set a keyframe for everything you move/rotate/scale, at the frame you move/rotate/scale it.

    Hope this helps.



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