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Thread: Screamernet woes

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    Screamernet woes

    I cannot seem to get screamernet to render its frames outside of the LW content directory.

    If I save the scene with the files pointing to a folder within the LW content directory, the frames save.

    If I save the scene with the files pointing anywhere else, the frames don't save.

    I have been using screamernet throughout the beta process and it has worked fine - being able to save frames anywhere. This problem started with the final release of 9.2.

    All of my render nodes are able to see all of the folders on the host, but will only save if the path is within the LW content directory.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Just need to double and triple check your pathways and cfg's, etc.
    I haven't had a problem with SN all through the 9.2 cycle, so there's no problem with the program itself.

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    this is a bug. See this discussion and this.
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