Hello all.

I need some help and I will try not to ramble on in this post.

I'm a former Studio Max user that has been using Lightwave for the past 3 or so months.

The client I am working with has requested a human character and of course I have said yes. I have created a "genera-human" and have been trying to create a fully functional IK rig but I have been having problems. I have been using various tutorials in books and online but I seem to only get so far before things fall apart.

I'm basically looking for a profesional tutorial that goes through each step in creating a bones system, sets joint limits, creates weight maps, null objects and whatever else I might have missed. The works. I realize that every character is different and there are various ways to do the same thing.

I'm also not sure what else the client has in mind for this character which is why I need it to have a full range of motion and to be *easily* animatable.

Thanks for all your help.