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Thread: Time to Get Serviced....

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    Time to Get Serviced....

    3D GARAGE is now open!

    LightWave Signature Courseware, on CD-ROM. Available April 6, 2003,
    New introductory pricing now available!
    AGA Digital Studios, Inc. is an authorized NewTek training facility, and
    now we're making our course available on CD-ROM. This is not spot tutorials,
    but a full course taking you through all aspects of LightWave's capabilities.
    The 3D Garage disc set includes more than 20 hours of instruction, and
    ships with an additional CD containing all the project files used throughout the
    entire course - royalty free.

    If you order now, you'll save $100 from the retail price. In addition, I'm including
    a coupon for a FREE copy of my newest LightWave book coming later this year.

    Coming this summer - LightWave Master Class Courseware (TBA)
    The Master Class Courseware is not for beginners. Need to add a character
    into a real video? Want to change the weather in a video clip? It's all possible with LightWave and I'll show you how with this course. You'll learn about compositing,
    motion tracking, particle effects, and more. As production gets closer to release, we'll
    have pre-release pricing and ordering available.

    Stop on by and check out the site. We're adding more products to the storefront in the next couple of weeks - from books, to training videos - even software.

    Dan Ablan
    AGA Digital Studios, Inc.
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    I would love to get your course but I'm too poor right now even with the nice introductory price. I have both your inside LW 6 and 7 books and some of the desktop series tapes and I've gained valuable info from every one of them so I just want to let others know that if it's coming from Dan, it's definately worth your while and I'm sure this new course is no exception.

    I'm definately all about a new Lightwave book though. Your book coming out later this year. Do you mean maybe Inside Lightwave 8 or is it something else entirely? I'm there whichever the case.

    The other thing that I've been dying to ask you (and actually I asked you before but you must have missed it when you responded) but you autographed Dick Van Dyke's Inside Lightwave book and I was just curious to know what he did with Lightwave and if he has any kind of website for his work at all? I thought that was very cool.


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    Hi Steve,
    thanks for the nice comments and support!

    New book - we'll have to wait and see.

    As for Mr. Van Dyke, I'm not sure how his LightWave animations are progessing - I'm sure they're good. He's like a kid in a candy store with his Toaster, and LightWave. Perhaps he'll be at NAB again this year.

    Thanks again!

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    Well if Mr Van Dyke is at NAB this year, tell him that he should joint the community here. It'd be nice to see a name like his here!

    As a personal note, I think they should use his name to push Lightwave and Toaster. He could be like the Jeff Goldblum of apple computers.

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    Hes shown up from time to time at the LAUser Group meetings.


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