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Thread: New LightWave Profile and Video Interview

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    New LightWave Profile and Video Interview

    New LightWave Profile:

    Interview with Dave Jerrard, VFX Artist
    February 08, 2007

    Dave Jerrard is known to many that frequent CG forums, for his work, his helpful advice, and his habit of coming up with unique signature lines for each and every post that start with "He who..." Widely regarded as an expert on the subject, Dave Jerrard can truly be described as one of the first users of LightWave 3D. Over his 17-year career in the animation industry, his work has been featured on television and in film and he's served as the author of a number of magazine articles and books on the subject. We recently talked to Dave about his history with LightWave and in the industry.
    Full profile...

    New LightWave Video Interview:

    Interview with LightWave artists Dave Jerrard and Jennifer Hachigian
    Kurtis Harris - NewTek 3D Marketing

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    Dave J is "Da Man" a great professional and a true asset of the LW community.

    Of course, he' is also quite, quite insane, but in a good way.
    Too old to die young.

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    Just great. I didn't think that through. When they see this, they'll know I faked another day pass!

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