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Thread: Details view needs LENGTH Column

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    Details view needs LENGTH Column

    Just stumbled across this one. What an oversight.

    in the details view in the editor or filebin etc.

    Right Click on the column and there is not a LENGTH selection. The VT has it but not the TriCaster. DOH!

    Length is one of those things that broadcasters use all the time.
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    yeah, that would help with the DVE length as well. I did send this as a bug the first day I had a tricaster pro.

    It's hard to be precise without control over length.

    As a strange workaround, I take a timecode still and stretch it tod 30 seconds and make that the layer at the top of the screen and all of my video elements will cover it. Now I have a reference and when I try to demonstrate how to make a quick 30 second spot in TCP. At this time, I have been able to dance around it, but it's about the biggest gaffe I have seen in an editor. When they started gutting VT-EDit to create Media Editor, this feature has been scrapped.

    I bet we see a patch now. I am amazed that so few have noticed. This makes me think that most users are live switching, and any editing is only to cut segments from that capture.


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