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Thread: KVM switch

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    KVM switch

    Has anyone experienced any problems using a KVM switch? I recently installed a KVM switch and shortly after my VT4 wint down & I am having a problem finding out whats wrong.

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    I don't think a KVM switch can cause that, but I never used neither..
    Maybe someone at the VT4 forum can help, try posting there as well,..

    Good luck
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    I have 6 machines all running into KVM switches 2 of the machines are dual monitor systems so I actually have both of those machines running into its own KVM switch box. One of those is my VT4.6 machine. I have been running VT's since ver2 this way without ever having a glitch or problem of any kind
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    The only KVM problems I've had in the past is a computer not recognising the keyboard and mouse on boot-up, or even switching computers in come cases.

    It's very unlikely that the KVM would cause it, unless there's a keyboard combination to switch machine and VT4 dies at that point.

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    Hello All,

    Is it possible to run the KVM switch software from Parallels? For that matter can the NDI tools for windows be installed within Mac Parallels so Mac users can have access to the full toolset?

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    I have no idea, but this is the necro-post champ!
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