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Thread: BV users interested in keeping it LW compatible

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    BV users interested in keeping it LW compatible


    BV has the potiential of being THE affordable essential Lightwave game development tool.

    It appears that the original intent and vision was to have a game development engine with the look and feel of LW and to provide a seemless art pipe-line.

    For example, BV 1.0 just released is already capable of this:

    Open BV editor.

    Load LWS (with all your required objects and image files included in the "media" folder.)

    preview the entire scene in OGL view realtime.

    Add a camera control script, (avialable on the BV forum)

    Test run the "game" and watch the scene and animations in realtime while rotating or flying the camera with viewer's control.

    Compile and export to portable exe and encryped resource file for distribution.

    BV has fantastic potential for LW users and I'm wondering if Newtek is interested in supporting their efforts with technical advice.

    It would be a shame to see BV go down the road of another dark and dank 3dMax specific game engine tool.

    Is it possible for LW BV users to try and solicit help from Newtek to prevent this from happening?


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    What's BV? I've never heard of it. Got a link?
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    I did an edit and that part mysteriously disappeared , srry.

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    kiteglider, thanx for the link. downloaded also. very cool. do you have any problems with your cursor disappearing and your program freezing? this may be my system doing it. i have been having some problems lately. but otherwise, very cool. have been looking into making games for about a year now. bought a liscense for c4,, and have had mixed feeling on that. have to learn c++ to do everything. says it has a world builder, but i never got it to work. specs on it are amazing though. and $100 gets you a full liscense and free updates forever. another cool thing. but playing with beyond virtual, i can tell already that i'm really going to like this thing. just figured that i'd pass on terrathon's link because it seems to have more horsepower than BV, but it's a lot harder. out of my range as far as expertise, but you may want to give it a whurl

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    Thanks Borkus, I'm interested in all the indie 3D engines. Looking at Terathon now.

    BV 1.0 ($150) is stable for a first version, and has a nice terrain editor, allowing for painting and mixing in additional layers of detail textures, also an object spawner that works great for auto vegetation generation, besides painting elevations in the terrain model.

    Has a water level setting also, but water shaders are in work atm. Although plans of using CG for OGL shaders has been discussed by the devs.

    collision and physics are really simple to get started. The easiest I've seen so far, not really requiring any scripting or programing knowelge. Although you can get more involved with object propery, and controller scripts to push it further.

    Initially the idea was that you could just load up a LWS and run it real-time in BV. Appearently this is most compatible with LW 6 formats, but I've been using LW9 stuff with uv textures successfully. The main problem so far is that animations stop looping after a few minutes. Discussions have mentioned a LWO flag that needs to be set for looping, so I'll have to research how to do that, as LWO needs a SDK to read what's going on, or to make direct changes.

    more later.. thanks again, WG

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    I can't undestand where to download a mac demo version of BV.

    Their site says only that the the mac version is under a different license but I don't know what it means.

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    afaik, there is no mac demo - at least the ide only runs on windows. they may have published a mac tech demo somewhere but i don't remember. i think the different license means it will publish to the mac for extra cash. but you have to develop on a pc. check out unity for development on a mac.


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