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Thread: possible answer for Intel macs until UB comes out

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    possible answer for Intel macs until UB comes out

    just saw this on engadget,

    a WINE thingy to allow you to run Windows Apps direct in OS X, maybe a solution rather than launvhing in bootcamp, will try and play over weekend, if anyone else manages let me know

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    Wow! Love to hear how you get on, running Windows apps without installing Windows would be fantastic!
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    I have submitted LW9 into their database and it is awaiting their approval. Everyone that preorders gets a single vote, so make it count ... !

    I mean I don't really know if running win LW would allow us to run either win plugins or that the mac dongle would be recognized, but it'd totally be worth a try.

    I have certain doubts though that Opengl speed would be the same in the UB and in this one ...

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    Place your votes people!

    I can't believe this hasn't gotten more of a response ...!


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