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Thread: mapping a picture onto a object looks distorted?

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    mapping a picture onto a object looks distorted?

    I have a high resolution picture that looks good in photoshop
    but when I put it onto a object in lightwave it looks distorted
    and not high quality.

    Any settings that can help?

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    Are you certain its in RGB and not in CMYK?
    Also what filetype are you using and where does it look distorted, in the image viewer or maped on a surface etc?

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    I'm using a png file from photoshop.

    I wanted to create a transparent logo in photoshop and bring it onto a object
    in lightwave?

    It looks distorted when mapped onto the object in lightwave
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    Can you attach an image of what's happening? Also tell us what method you used to map it -
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    coming soon


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