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Thread: Motion Designer "can't scan objects!"

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    Motion Designer "can't scan objects!"


    I've recently started using Lightwave 6.5 on a machine with OS 10.2.4. I've updated to 6.5b and downloaded all of the Plug-in updates.

    I was testing out some tutorials on Motion Designer (Collision Detecting & Waving a Flag) and followed everything "by the book", but when I hit the START button in the Motion Designer controller, all I get is a message saying "can't scan objects!", and nothing changes in Layout.

    I believe that I've added all of the available plug-ins.
    Does anybody know what would cause this?



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    I think (this is dim and distant) that MD would give that error in 6.5 if you hadn't set your Bounding Box Threshold to a value higher than either the polygonal count of your MD Target object or the total number of polys in the scene. Can't remember which.


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    Ah ha! That was it.
    Thanks Julian.



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