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Thread: Got some Cool Mac Stuff?

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    Got some Cool Mac Stuff?


    I'd like to put together a comprehensive list of every LightWave tool, script, plug-in, tutorial, or otherwise, that new Mac Lightwave users should know about. Any suggestions?


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    FI's Junkbox has some good mac stuff.
    Most of my scripts work on mac, as do many of those at The Spread. That reminds me of Dodgy's site too. And let's not forget Maestro or iDof either. Those are a few off the top of my head.

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    Well I guess your first port of call should be, as he's doing all the hard work for you... But here's some of my faves.

    Any Mac ports over at Pictrix - there's a treasure chest of stuff over there.

    Hyperstars, Hyperspace, Hyperglow -

    The stuff at Evasion -

    Pawel Olas's stuff -

    HD PumpIt and HDInstance -

    Vertibevel 2 -

    Some new plug-ins coming from

    PShelf presets -

    EasySplit, plus others -

    Impact 3 and Napalm -

    Dynamite 1.1 -

    IFW2 shaders, of course -

    Some old plug-ins over at Richard Brak's site -

    And I hear a bloke called Steve Worley does some useful scripts or something...
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    Nodal IFW2 shaders have just recently been released.

    Stuff from Evasion and Pawel Olas definitely.

    Ditto Pictrix and FI's Junkbox.

    Dstorm also has some great plugs. Seems to try to keep up date.



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