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Thread: OT: Amazing optical illusion

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    OT: Amazing optical illusion

    I came across this optical illusion and it is totally awesome.

    When you finish, look at something like your computer keyboard.

    I thought it was going to be one of the ones that jumps something scary up at you but it isn't. Before watching it I skipped to the end to make sure.

    But I've seen some pretty cool tricks of the eye, but I've never had something as cool as this. It kinda reminds me of the lens distortion in LW9 - heh.

    Anyone know any other good ones?
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    Wow - Trippy dude!

    Thought my desk was melting for a minute
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    Whoa, man. Like, that was heavy, man.
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    wow...really nice...real time...erhm... real matrix fx.

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    errr, like,,whoa dude
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    Now, do it again, but look at the back of your hand.

    Then, do it again and look at someone's head. That one is the weirdest. I like this version the best.

    There are a few magicians that I am friends with that do this with a spiral disc about 18-24" in diameter. They spin the disc for some time. (The disc is a black and white spiral). It has a similar effect. I like this version better, though.
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    F*&k me, flashback.

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    Here's another cool optical illusion
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    I'm back in "68" !


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